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A butterfly garden may seem like an exotic venture to take on but, in actual fact, it is a very easy thing to add to your garden. It is also another simple way in which you can do your part in nature conservation; these beautiful animals are fast losing their natural habitat. As we demand more homes, roads and so on we are very quickly destroying the wildlife around us. With a little help from Landscape Gardener Solihull, you will soon find yourself with a little piece of beauty you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. Imagine the smiles on your children’s faces when these beautiful creatures thrive in the environment you can easily create at home.

If you want to own a butterfly garden, all you have to do is contact an expert and well-experienced gardener in your area, identify the type of butterflies you wish to raise, it will also be able to tell your landscape artist what types of plants and flowers to cultivate for your garden. By choosing those that are local to you, it is easy to get the right plants that they will feed on and where they will lay their eggs. With the correct plants that they can lay eggs on, you will find the adult butterflies staying for longer periods in your garden.

Be sure to find out a little about these plants, how tall they will grow, where they best flourish in your garden and how to care for them, so as to attract the butterflies you want. These plants and flowers come in many varieties, so you will not only be making a habitat for the butterflies, you will also add a splash of colours to your garden.

Once you have your butterfly garden established, you may even want to expand this by adding a butterfly house, the structure will not only protect them by having small slots just big enough for them, yet small enough to keep birds out. The designs today make them not only functional, but an attractive piece of garden decoration.

A local landscape gardener should be able to supply all that you will need in the way of plants, especially, if you have trouble getting the right plant sources.  With the Internet having such a vast wealth of knowledge, you are sure to be able to easily get the information you need on all aspects of creating a beautiful butterfly garden right there in your own backyard.

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