How to Lessen Static Electricity in the Home

Static electricity is often a problem in many homes, especially during the winter and fall months, but the problem isn’t directly related to the wires, light sources, or power outlets in your home. Static electricity has become a more widespread problem brought about by the advances in the way homes are built these days.

How to Lessen Static Electricity in the Home

Your electrician Wimbledon can’t really do much to halt in its tracks static electricity from developing in your home, but a good one will be able to provide you some useful advice on how to reduce its effects.

What Causes Static Electricity?

The development of static electricity is due to several different factors like the type of fibre of your carpet, the type of materials laid under your carpeted floors and even the materials on the soles of your footwear, as does the level of moisture found in the atmosphere of your surroundings. Humidity in the air is most likely to impact static build-up. A humid environment causes moisture to develop, which reduces the likelihood of a static shock.  Static electricity is easy to build up when the environment is dry.

Avoiding Static Shock

Sadly, humidity is something even a licensed electrician doesn’t have control of. In the olden days, homeowners would place pans of water near their stove or heaters, so water would evaporate and add moisture to the atmosphere.

Modern day solutions for controlling static shock include using anti-static formula spray or buying carpets made from high-quality fibres. But, whatever you do, static electricity is something you’ll have to deal with during the cold season and when the atmosphere dries out.


While your electrician Wimbledon can’t really help you with this issue, you can still trust them to help you to steer clear of other types of electrical hazards in the home.

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